Convey a clear message to your target audience...

Helping Litigation/Trial Attorneys drive highly impactful presentations through the judicious and strategic use of Info-Visuals, empowering the presenter to deliver complex concepts with confidence, in a concise, powerful and persuasive manner.

The problem with communication is that people “choose” what and whom to Listen to at any given time. ACTIVE LISTENING IS A CHOICE, which promotes “Selective Retention”. Using dialogue and visual cues exponentially enhances the delivery and retention of information.

Court Graphix specializes in providing Trial Graphics Support and Presentation Services to professionals who rely on presenting clear and informative visuals as means of communicating their message to their target audience.

We thrive in our ability to convey visual information in its Clearest and most Coherent form to ensure the intended message is "Clear, Unambiguous, Effective and most importantly, Persuasive."

Our focus...

  • Accurate presentation of facts
  • Highlight and reinforce your case strategy with cutting edge info-visuals/graphics
  • Avoid distracting elements to keep the juror attentive to the facts at hand
  • Convey with clarity and unambiguity every key point, using visuals ONLY when it really counts.
  • The outcome:
    Leverage your case by maximizing the audience's crucial retention of facts.

Budget friendly

We work hard to keep our Litigation Graphics Support and Courtroom Presentations Services within your budget, without compromising the cutting-edge quality, professionalism and the confidentiality your case deserves.

How we do that? Simple… We are not a full litigation support company, so you don’t have to deal with the heavy pricing structures and often unnecessary overhead that come associated with full scale lit support companies. - We keep it nimble so it’s easier on your budget.
Check out our "Services" and our "Pricing Schedule"...

Who is our ideal client? Business professionals who rely on presenting crucial information as means of communicating with clarity. This includes independent Attorneys, small to medium size law firms, litigation teams and other legal entities, such as legal government agencies that normaly deal with fixed budgets.

Consulting Services

Our Litigation Support Consultant will meet with the litigation team to review the case and determine the type of graphics and presentation style suitable to the trial and attorney’s strategy. Learn more about "How we work"...

Media Rich

Court Graphix provides cutting edge technology, professional and confidential services on a wide range of video and photographic solutions to enhance the visual impact of your presentation. From video editing to photographic enhancements. Learn more on our "Services" page...

Downloadable e-Brochure

Court Graphix eBrochure

List of Services Provided

  • Litigation Graphics Support
  • Trial Graphics Consulting
  • Demonstrative Illustrations
  • Chronological Timelines – static or animated
  • 3D Scene reconstruction
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Exhibit Blowout and Callouts
  • Audio extraction from digital video
  • Annual Reports - for legal firms and agencies

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