Court Graphix was founded in 2002 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In early 2007, Court Graphix was moved to Los Angeles, California, to seek out a more populated legal community, where our services and expertise will be readily available to fulfill the needs of our target clients.

Over the years Giovanni has worked as a Litigation Support Consultant, contracted by elite firms to assist attorneys in various cases around the nation; providing expert trial graphic support both remotely and on-site.

Our extensive experience in information design expands from the journalism and legal industries. Our litigation support experience includes High Profile, Multi-Million Dollar cases in the areas of corporate law, criminal, personal injury, arbitration and settlements.

  • McDonnell Douglas vs. US DOD - $150 Million, Los Angeles CA
  • Bell Atlantic vs. P.M. Video - $45 Million, New Jersey
  • Shell Oil Co. vs. Nautilus - $70 Million, Los Angeles CA
  • Department of Justice vs. Glendale Federal Bank - $1.9 Billion, Washington DC
  • California vs. Lyle and Erik Menendez, Los Angeles CA
  • California vs. Benjamin Burgos, Los Angeles CA

Partial list of supported cases

  • Union Carbide vs. Shell Oil *
  • PM Video vs. Bell (Bell Atlantic) *
  • DOJ vs. Glendale (Winstar case series) *
  • Litton vs. Honeywell *
  • United States vs. Sunrider *
  • Hamoui vs. Prisma Technologies*
  • Melon vs. Deluxe Data Systems *
  • Northrop Grumman vs. U.S.*
  • Union Carbide Corp. vs. Montell N.V. *
  • State of Nevada vs. Strohmeyer *
  • People vs. O. J. Simpson *
  • Hilo vs. Exxon*
  • People vs. Lyle & Eric Menendez (The Menendez Brothers) *
  • Atlas Mills vs. State Fund Comp. Ins. Fund *
  • Bausa vs. Ford Motor Corporation *
  • Celeritas vs. Rockwell International *
  • Van Ness vs. National Medical Enterprises, Inc. (NME) *
  • Mobile Oil vs. IGS *

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