Clear and Unambiguous Communication...
We translate complex facts into concise, powerful and persuasive demonstrative evidence.

Visual translation

Complex litigation often contains information which can be technical, scientific and often foreign to most members of the jury panel. To bridge this gap, Court Graphix help clients break down complex concepts into simplified blocks of visual information which are easily comprehensible. Providing the jury the opportunity to grasp the concept in a concise and effective manner.

We provide expert advice to the litigation team of the most effective and comprehensible ways to present complex evidence.

We implement the latest techniques in information graphics to develop powerful demonstrative evidence which maximizes the analytical impact and retention on the juror’s minds, for later recall. This is critical in cases that proceed for several weeks or months...

The focus...

  • Accurate presentation of facts
  • Highlight and reinforce your case strategy with cutting edge graphics
  • Avoid distracting elements to keep the juror attentive to the facts at hand
  • Convey with clarity and unambiguity every key point, ONLY when it really counts
  • The outcome:
    Leverage your case by maximizing the audience's crucial retention of facts.

Schedule of Services

The following is a detailed list of services provided by Court Graphix:

  • Trial Graphics Consulting
  • Graphic Support for Trial
  • Typesetting (setting content copy in place)
  • Multimedia Presentations in PowerPoint, Flash, Video
  • Chronological Timelines – Static or Animated
  • 3D Graphics, Scene Reconstruction & Animations
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Exhibit Blowout
  • Video Depositions Editing & Digitizing
  • Video Conversion to DVD/VCD...
  • Audio Extraction from Video, Audio Resampling
  • Evidentiary Photography Enhancement
  • Document Scanning & Printing
  • Annual Reports - for Legal Firms and Government Agencies

Cases we support

Court Graphix provides graphic support for a variety of cases without limitation to the following:

  • Arbitration
  • Class Action
  • Complex Litigation
  • Commercial
  • Copyright/Trademark
  • Corporate/White Collar Crime
  • Criminal (Assault & Battery)
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • General Practice
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mediation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Patent Infringement
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Negligence and Malpractice
  • Toxic Torts
  • Wrongful Death

Services Info

See additional information about our services below.

Trial Graphics

Trial Graphic Support

Our graphic litigation support services are crucial to the modern-day trial lawyer. We provide state-of-the-art graphics intentionally designed to be clear, concise and persuasive; allowing the viewer to focus on the information at hand. Utilizing this technique enhances the psychological impact and retention needed for a later recall during the course of the trial.

Our solutions:

  • Focused information graphics
  • Implementation of Color psychology
  • Concise and Persuasive info-visuals
  • Enhanced psychological impact

Litigation Graphics Consulting

Graphic Litigation Consulting

Court Graphix will meet with the litigation team to review the case and determine the types of graphics suitable to your case style and strategy.

The focus

  • Accurate presentation of facts
  • Highlighting and reinforcing your case strategy with cutting edge graphics
  • Maintaining the juror on-pace with the facts and your strategy
  • Defining how to convey clearly every key message, ONLY when it really counts
  • Defining a clear case template


The Persuasive Psychology of Color Schematics

Color Psychology

Color schematics is an important part of the Court Graphix arsenal. We implement the combination of specific colors schemes to strategically intensify the psychological impact, presentation delivery and persuasion factor.

Strategic Persuasion

The implementation of a “case template” or presentation theme during the early stages of a trial is crucial to familiarize the juror with the litigation team and case strategy. Consistency in design throughout the case will increase the rapport, credibility and ultimately the persuasion factor. Similar to the psychological principle applied to branding.

Scene Reconstruction

Scene reconstruction

Court Graphix uses the latest in 3D modeling techniques and software to re-create scenes as part of evidentiary exhibits. From industrial accidents to murder scenes, we have the expertise to recreate accurate and detailed 3D scenes with generic non-incriminating elements for uncompromising court acceptance.

3D scene rebuilding can be rendered as static illustrations from several points of view, or animated enabling us to provide a variety of predetermined fly-by action views and virtual camera locations.


  • Reconstruct a crime scene
  • Accidental injury reconstruction
  • Depiction of chronological chain of events
  • Vehicular accidents

Media Presentations

Media presentations

We work with our client to produce multimedia presentations specifically customized, not only for the case at hand but also for the way the attorney or litigator presents. We achieve these by creating the presentation from a prepared script provided by the presenter.

We are able to embed (insert) video, audio or

animation clips inside the multimedia presentations whether that is PowerPoint, Flash or Video

Chronological Timelines, Charts, Scanning

Chronological Timelines

Court Graphix pays meticulous attention to the storyline to develop the most strategically detailed visual breakdown to effectively portray the chain of events in litigation or settlement. We focus on creating timelines designed to reinforce the litigator’s case as the chain of events are being narrated.

Charts & Graphs

Charts are a common way to visually present numbers or data in a case trial.
Attorneys benefit from our knowledge and experience of what visuals work best in trial and how to get the jury to retain the presented evidence for later recall during the course of the trial.

We provide the balance between accurate data and visual appeal which is crucial to the trial attorney when presenting his case to the jury, not only it provides the persuasive credibility but it also aids the jurors to retain the mental picture for a longer time.

Scanning and enlargements

Images play an important role in the evidence presented in court. We have the capabilities to scan and enlarge documents and photos to present them in its greatest clarity.

Exhibit blowout

We understand that exhibit blowouts are an important asset to litigation teams. Whether the evidentiary graphic was created by Court Graphix or supplied by the litigator for enlargement, our services enable us to provide excellent quality.